The Asian elephant

Elephants have been revered for centuries in Thailand

The Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) is one of the most prominent animals that live in Khao Sok National Park. In the national park’s area (739 km2) are living in freedom around 250 wild animals, although it is very difficult to watch. When you make a jungle trekking you can see signs of their presence, such as finding footprints on earth, excrement or broken bamboos.

In Thailand the coexistence of man with elephant dates back centuries ago. For this reason there are many animals domesticated as a result of the need for his strength and intelligence to assist in many and different tasks: in the field, construction, transportation of people and even in war. Currently, in Khao Sok, many of these elephants are used for walking tourists when aren’t required for others activities.

This species of elephant is considered endangered. It’s a little smaller than its African relative and can weigh about 5 tons.