Canoeing trip on the Sok River

A fascinating canoe trip in Khao Sok

The canoe trip down the Sok River is one of the most relaxing activities you can enjoy in Khao Sok National Park.

Then we come looking at the door of the resort. We went up to the back of the pickup truck adapted to carry passengers, an adventure. We were transported by road to the navigable part of the river on a journey that lasted about 15 minutes. The scenery we could see in the both sides of the road was fields of rubber and palm trees. In the background the mountains features gives Khao Sok, limestone cliffs emerging from the lush and luxuriant vegetation.

After deviate to the main road we arrived at the river where our thai guides await with the canoes. We boarded to the canoe and we enter to the river. The landscape before our eyes is fantastic. Big trees with roots are rise majestically on both banks of the river, mountains with breathtaking stalactites, sometime gave the impression they were going to fall on us, but nothing to worry, just enjoy the experience.

On this trip into the bowels of this exotic natural world observe any of its inhabitants who did not seem surprised by our unexpected visit, a snake coiled in the branches of a tree, a Monitor lizard sunning on a fallen log, some birds fishing on the bank of the river …

Following our trip we got to an area where the mountains are of great beauty, erosion over time has given them an almost magical ways. In this place there is a cave where there is a small temple, the guide our canoe gives us a bag of fish food and then we know that thousands and thousands of fish await our arrival. It is a sight to see the buzz they do in the water.

We left the fishes back and after going through another mountain – wall of stalactites that arises from the same river, we stop at a cave. We got off the boat and our guide thais make a fire and prepare a delicious coffee served in a freshly cut bamboo.

We follow the path down the river and on a shore we see several children are bathing to cool off from the intense heat that makes, they greet we with a big smile.

And without realizing it I got to the end of the journey, I look at my watch and it’s been two hours! Two hours immersed in the interesting flora and fauna from Khao Sok.