Tham Nam Talu Cave at Chiew Larn Lake in the Khao Sok National Park

Discover the Chiew Larn Lake and Tham Nam Talu Cave

One of the most interesting trips Khao Sok National Park is the Cheow Lan lake visit and discover the awesome Tham Nam Talu cave that is hidden in the valleys around the lake.

The trek to the cave visit usually lasts about three hours. Typically a circular route is as it enters one end of the cave and come out the other, so you can see different elements of the jungle, especially some old trees.

The tour inside the cave has a length of 700 meters and there is a watercourse by which we go. We will surprise to discover great beauties formed by calcareous rock: stalactites, stalagmites, and several fantastic formations. We can also see some of its inhabitants: bats, insects and a variety of fishes. It is a very interesting experience since only a few locations have the opportunity to discover something similar.

The Tham Nam Talu Cave is not always visitable during the rainy season, as the water level can rise, your guide will decide whether it is possible to enter or not. If not is possible to visit the cave, you can visit the Coral cave that does not have water inside.

To visit the cave you can book or the full day exploration lake trip or overnight on rafting house.

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