Cheow Lan lake in the Khao Sok National park

Cheow Lan lake and the floating raft houses in Khao Sok

One of the most prominent sites of Khao Sok National Park is the Cheow Lan lake. The wonderful landscapes treasures are of great beauty, its emerald waters contrast with the powerless limestone cliffs that rise on the banks of the lake or forming spectacular islands.

The lake was created in 1982 when was built the high Dam Ratchaprabha and occupies an area of 185 km2. The formation of the lake is due of flooding the large valley with dense tropical vegetation. The shores are inhabited by a lush vegetation that becomes habitat of many animals: numberous monkeys, elephants, water buffalo, bears,…

As a result of its origin in the bottom of the lake there are a lot of submerged trees that create a rich ecosystem for a wide variety of fish.

From the lake you can perform many dense jungle tours that take visitors to discover ancient trees and caves with underground rivers.

Beside the more than 100 islets, the amazing caves and the paradisiacal beauty of the lake, one of the main attractions of the Cheow Lan Lake is the floating raft houses and restaurant.